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What is Zentangle?

Zentangle © is the combination of meditation = zen and drawing = tangling. Zentangle is an easy-to-learn method of creating small drawings - your relaxation is in focus.

"Anything is possible - one stroke at a time"
(Everything is possible - one stroke at a time) - This is the philosophy of the Zentangle creators Maria and Rick.

How does it work?

Tangling is done on a “tile”, a small square that is also called “tile”. Lines drawn in pencil give you the framework within which you can easily get creative. Predefined and quickly learned patterns (tangles), which you can freely combine and modify, quickly deliver unexpected results.

Already after the first strokes with the Fineliner (Micron) beautiful patterns are formed, which are then shaded with a pencil and the small picture quickly gets depth.

The repetition of the patterns has a meditative effect and you relax while creating your little work of art. You can simply enjoy the beautiful results yourself or give them away as greeting cards. By the way, you train with zentangle senses and motor skills and thus improve your handwriting.

The beauty of the zentangle: there are no mistakes! Every supposedly wrong line can create something special. Zentangle is not afraid of failure! For this reason alone, it promotes your creativity and strengthens your motivation.

What does Zentangle do?

Zentangle helps you switch off; clear your head and relax. With Zentangle you can "tangle" for 5 minutes or an hour.

Lines and patterns give you the framework within which you can easily get creative. Don't be afraid of the white paper, you can just get started and enjoy the beautiful patterns.

Open your eyes and discover a new way of expressing yourself.

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"Tangle just art - just make art" is my motto! I work as a web designer and to compensate for my job on the computer, I am always looking to express myself creatively. I discovered Zentangle in 2017; A stroke of luck for me: I am not an artist with a message to the world, but I still enjoy creating small pieces of art that I enjoy. I also love the haptic feeling of pen on paper and I can switch off perfectly: Tiles of a handy size, a fineliner, a pencil, a tortillion and off you go!

In April 2017 I traveled to Providence / USA to attend the CZT Seminar of Maria and Rick, the founders of Zentangle, to become a "Certified Zentangle Teacher" (CZT). Now I am happy to teach Zentangle in Cologne and Mainz. 

Iris Heidt

Basic Classes

The class lasts around three hours and you will learn all the basics about the Zentangle method and we will create your first tiles together. The Costs will be EUR 49 * including material. (Zentangle starter package with information material, so you can continue tangling right at home).

Specific Classes

In this class we discover new patterns and in further classes new materials (e.g. Renaissance tiles, black and round tiles); Experience in the Zentangle method is recommended. The class lasts around 3 hours and the costs will be EUR 49 * including drinks and snacks and new materials. Please bring the starter package from the basic course, but you can also buy it.

Gift Voucher

For a creative gift, I also offer vouchers for my classes! The starter set including pens and paper is added to give some extra value to the voucher!
Cost: 49 € plus shipping costs

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If you are interested in taking a class or would like to order a voucher, please contact me using the forms below.

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